February 14th, 2007

Anime MZ


Cyphermint closed today due to the weather, and since it is still snowing I'm not going outside. So I did some work from home, then I did something to prepare for my trip...

I set up my new Slingbox Pro. :-) This is such a geek toy. I have my TiVo Series3 and Series2, and direct analog cable feeding it. I've watched some TV on my laptop, just because I can. I'll have to try it from the office tomorrow to make sure it works OK from outside.

Now I'll be able to access my stuff when I'm away. So I can relax with shows I like while my folks watch whatever they watch. It is a very cool device.
Anime MZ

Afghan repair?

I have an Afghan that my grandmother made many, many years ago. It is made up of little knitted (crocheted?) squares linked together. The squares are fine, but a lot of those seams are gone so it is starting to come apart. I know I have local folks who read my LJ and who knit, crochet, sew, and are otherwise crafty. Aside from being cozy, since my grandmother made it (and she died several years ago), it has sentimental value. I'd like to get someone to repair it. I'd be willing to pay for the service - with money, buying dinner, whatever is preferred.
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