April 3rd, 2007

Eject! Eject! Eject!

Don't be this guy - and don't be *near* this guy.

I just saw something stunning in the forums on SlingCommunity.com.

I really want to say something, but it'd probably just start a flame war. I'm kind of dumbstruck that someone thinks it is a good idea to watch SlingPlayer Mobile on their Treo... WHILE DRIVING!

There is always someone who takes a good thing and turns it into a death trap waiting to happen.

I am in awe of how terrible this concept is.
Extreme close up.

Ride the Black Rocket!

Yeah, ride it - right into bankruptcy. ;-) I left GTEI at the end of 1999. Shortly thereafter, GTE merged with Bell Atlantic to form Verizon, and GTEI was spun off as Genuity. The dot com bubble was still inflating, and Genuity ran a 'high concept' ad campaign - 'Black Rocket'. No one who worked there knows what the hell it meant. There were several, shall we say 'colorful', interpretations of what it could possibly mean. I just encountered a video of the main TV ad and uploaded it to YouTube for nostalgia's sake. ;-)
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EDIT: OK, the video is working now, sorry. And I forgot the best thing, perhaps the only good thing, to come out of this campaign. Someone actually built a working Black Rocket.
Anime MZ

Recommended vendor

I tend to post about problems and bad vendors (under my work filter), but I don't recommend them often enough. So I am.

Cathie Simard
National Enterprise Account Executive
217 Tibbetts Hill Road
Goffstown, NH 03045
Cell: 603-759-8093
Office: 866-415-IT4U (4848) x1
Fax: 603-218-6292

Cathie has been great to work with, and GreenPages's pricing has been competitive with other resellers we've looked at. She works in New England, but I think they handle business outside of the region. A general recommendation, check them out if you're looking for gear, software, etc, for work.