April 12th, 2007

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Various web comic feeds

I have a tendency of syndicating the feeds of any blog or comic I want to keep track of, and I often forget to mention them here when I do. I've created a number of syndicated feeds for web comics that I never shared, but I don't remember which I created and which I found, so this is just a list of all the feeds I watch now.
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One trick I noticed is that many Keenspot comics have RSS feeds, even if they don't advertise them. Try adding 'comic.rss' to the URL. For example, if the comic's main URL is http://www.wanderingones.com/ - the feed is probably http://www.wanderingones.com/comic.rss A lot of the KS comics do not advertise their feed.

Feel free to suggest other feeds to check out.
Anime MZ

meme: Am I Dumb?

How smart are you?

I saw this in a few different journals. Some of the questions are more random trivial knowledge - like the average height of a full grown man in the US - and I probably just got lucky on gut instinct. :-)
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