April 25th, 2007

Anime MZ

Reminder for TiVo owners - Five days left to claim your free $15 Amazon Unbox credit!

Just in case you don't read tivolovers. It is Wednesday, April 25th - and you have until Monday, April 30th to register your TiVo(s) for Amazon Unbox and receive a credit for $15 in free downloads. There is no risk, no commitment, etc - if you have a broadband connected TiVo, sign up and get the credit. It isn't even limited to downloads to the TiVo - you can use it for any Unbox downloads, including to a PC or portable device. You don't have anything to lose, you can try it for free and stop using it if you want to.
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Wiki on Windows

Before I forget (again), does anyone have any suggestions for Wiki software that runs on Windows and integrates into Windows authentication for access control? Such that you can have pages viewable to some and not others, editable by one group and only readable by another, etc. Preferably .Net/C#, but that's not really critical. DB could be MS SQL Server or MySQL, I'd rather not introduce yet another DB into the environment. The leading recommendation I have right now is for Perspective.