November 13th, 2007

I need that like I need...

I'm not dead

Normally that'd be more of a joke. But not today.

I'm not dead only because I have a carbon monoxide detector in my house.

Last night the auto-fill on my boiler failed. The boiler cooked itself dry, continued to fire, and cracked. This allowed combustion products to enter the steam pipes (I have a steam heating systems), and then to vent into the house via the radiator vents. Just as I was planning to crash this morning the carbon monoxide detector went off.

So now I don't have heat, and I need a new boiler - on the upside, I'm not dead.

It also explains the headache I developed just before the alarm. The alarm went off when levels reached 15ppm, and it was climbing until I killed the boiler and vented the house.

I'm not dead - but Steve Pearl is

While I got lucky last night, not everyone was so fortunate. Old-school anime fans and rec.arts.anime.* denizens may remember Steve Pearl, aka starbucking. Steve was a regular on rec.arts.anime back in the day, and became the moderator of He was a 'name' in anime fandom, and was involved with cons and many aspects of fandom. Steve had been fighting with severe diabetes for many years - and he's lost the fight. I met Steve many times over the years at cons, and still exchanged emails with him from time to time, as well as comments on LJ, etc. We both came up in fandom at the same time and moved in the same circles. Steve was always there in almost every corner of anime fandom.

I am sorry to learn of his passing, but at the same time I'm glad that his pain and suffering is over. He suffered a lot from complications stemming from his diabetes.
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