November 23rd, 2007

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Compound Your Giving By Using Affiliate Links

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As you're probably aware, this is the biggest shopping season of the year - and today, Black Friday, is considered the biggest shopping day. A lot of you reading this will be shopping online this year, joining an increasing number of people who do so.

While you're buying your gifts, you have the opportunity to compound your giving and to help support the websites and blogs you enjoy. Yes, I'm not ashamed to say I'd love it if you supported, especially with the annual CES trip coming up in January (and my recent boiler fun), but I mean it in a broader sense. Many of the sites you visit probably have affiliate links to sites like Amazon,,, etc - as does - and if you use those links to do your shopping then you'll support that site without any additional cost to you. Affiliate programs vary, some offer a percentage of the sale to the site, others have a flat rate depending on what is sold. It may be pennies, but those pennies can add up. But you pay the same price you would've paid without using the affiliate link, and you help support the site - two birds with one stone, compounding your giving.

So, when you go online to make your purchases, start at a site you enjoy and use their links, especially the smaller sites that don't have a corporate parent to back them. Personally I tend to throw my referrals to sites like TiVo Blog or one of the many web comics I enjoy. So, while I do appreciate the support, I'm really hoping that you'll take the opportunity to support any site or blog by using their affiliate links. Hopefully year-round, but especially at this time of year when so many purchases will be made. Pick a site, or spread it around - you have an opportunity to help sites you enjoy, and best of all it doesn't cost you anything. Every time I buy something online I make an effort to use some site's affiliate link.

Happy Holidays, and thank you.
Anime MZ

Voice Post: The Travels of Zoner (Annotated!)

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“Hey, it's MegaZone. I'm in <a href="">Omaha</a>. Yes! <i>That</i> Omaha. <a href="">Nebraska</a>! Why am I in Omaha, you ask? Well, <a href="">we</a> have a customer in Omaha, and there was an issue at the customer's site. I was in the office on Wednesday when this arose, and they wanted somebody out here as of this morning to help work on the issue. Since it's <a href=""a holiday weekend</a> and lots of people are out of town and unavailable, and I'm single and <a href="">have no life</a>, I volunteered to fly to Omaha. So I left <a href="">Logan</a> [ED. NOTE: Presumably he means the airport in Boston, not <lj user="that_xmas">] at 6 o'clock this morning, and because it's a crazy travel weekend, I won't be able to fly back until late Monday, getting it at midnight-oh-one Tuesday morning. So I've got four days in Omaha, and, uh, hopefully I'll have free time on my hands, since the issue I came out here to resolve is actually resolved, but now some other things have popped up.

So basically I'm just sitting on my hands waiting for a new release from Engineering to try to install, and there's nothing I can really do here except wait. So I'm waiting in Omaha. It's like a sequel to <a href=""><i>Waiting for Godot</i></a>, only <a href="">less exciting</a>.

... Yeah. Omaha.

I suppose there's <a href="">a good steakhouse</a> around; I will have to find it. Other than that, I don't know what I'm gonna do. Hopefully my hotel has Internet access. I haven't been there yet, I came straight to the customer's site from <a href="">the airport</a> and I'm still here.

Oh, and I seem to have developed <a href="">a cold</a>. I've got a sore throat. So hopefully I'll be able to kick this before I have to fly back, or <a href="">flying will be fun</a>.


Transcribed by: z_gryphon