June 30th, 2008

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Did you know you can buy succubi on eBay?

Even better, twin nymph succubi. Because being a 'nymph' is a rare thing for succubus. So yeah, this person is selling 'magical jewelry', including a ring holding the succubus twins. I love this:
Succubus is a beautiful seductive female spirit that seeks to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men and bring extreme arousal and then ejaculation.
Of course, the sale leaves out the standard cost for having sexual relations with a succubus - death. :-) Hey, lizzielizzie, do you make anything like this? ;-)
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WALL-E is magnificent - see it ASAP!

I've been meaning to post this since my voice post just after seeing the movie, sorry about that.

WALL-E is absolutely magnificent! I love animation, as you probably know if you know me at all, so it isn't a big surprise that I was looking forward to the latest Pixar offering. But I expected it to be cute and funny. I expected to be entertained, and not much more. Instead I was astonished at the incredible quality of the story telling. Sure, it was cute and funny - but also thoughtful, beautiful, emotional, poignant... just amazing. At its most basic level it is a love story, a very well told love story, with an underlying ecological message. But it is a love story between two characters who cannot speak. At best they can make a few different sounds. So the whole story is really told via pantomime. It is like an excellent silent movie, an homage to Charlie Chaplin. The way they conveyed emotion and moved the story along just through expression and movement, and some sounds, put me in mind of a silent movie with organ accompaniment.

It isn't just a fantastic animated movie, it is a fantastic movie - period, full stop. No qualifier required. It is the best movie I have seen in ages, of any sort. Just solid story telling, and it is gorgeous. Pixar has truly outdone themselves on this one.

Here's a great post on WALL-E from Lon of Mahalo. I agree with him completely.

Slashfilm also has a list of the easter eggs Pixar hid in the movie.

I think I want to see this again in theaters - and that's very rare for me.

EDIT: Oh, I forgot to mention that the geek in me (which is most of me, admittedly) just loved how WALL-E was a little rolling memetic virus. He infected everything in his path!
Anime MZ

Receiver decision

I ended up ordering the Onkyo TX-SR606 from Amazon. I could've saved a few bucks elsewhere, but I have Amazon Prime so I should have the new receiver Wednesday. And I trust Amazon more than the really cheap sites. Thanks for the feedback!
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