September 2nd, 2008

Don't Give A Shit

Yep, looks like Cyphermint is really gone

After seeing the 'For Lease' banner on the building when I was in Marlborough for dinner last Thursday, I was wondering what was up with Cyphermint. Last I'd heard in early July they were pursuing a buyout by some investors. Surfing around tonight it occurred to me again and I poked around and found this article in the Worcester Business Journal. Looks like it was published this weekend, maybe Monday, the byline just says 'Yesterday'. Looks like they're going through bankruptcy, sounds like Chapter 7 from the story - selling off assets. There's couple of things in the story that I'd heard as rumors through the grapevine, sounds like they're confirmed. Sorry to see it end like that, I hope everyone has managed to land on their feet.
Anime MZ

Best. Dialog. Ever.

Faye's dialog in the fourth panel of today's Questionable Content is fantastic. It made me literally LOL, long and hard. It reminded me so much of college...

In unrelated news, since I'm posting about entertaining things and fun dialog, The Middleman continues to rock, hard. It is rapidly becoming one of my favorite shows. And it looks like ABC Family has another potentially fun cheese-fest coming this weekend, Samurai Girl. If nothing else it has an incredibly attractive woman with a sword. So you know I'll be checking it out. ;-)

And in even less related news, I found out tonight that Alton Brown's new series, Feasting on Waves, premiers this Sunday. Huzzah!
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Movies that didn't suck - Death Race and Tropic Thunder

So I had a little rant the other night about just how very much Babylon, A.D. sucked. So I figured I should say I have seen a couple of other movies which didn't suck.

I saw Death Race a week ago or so. And make no mistake, it is a bad movie. It is full of stereotypes, plot holes, and absurdity. But, really, what do you expect from Death Race? You turn off your brain and watch the pretty pictures. It has been a number of years since I've seen Death Race 2000, but I'd have to say the original is probably the better movie. It was social commentary, dripping with cheese though it was. The new movie, eh, not so much. And about all the two films have in common is that there is racing and people die. The 'plots' have nothing to do with each other beyond that. And the new movie's race looks like a video game - there are power-ups on the track! It was just ludicrous. But I went in expecting a brain dead popcorn movie full of bombast and stupidity, and it delivered. I don't think I'll ever want to see it again, but it scratched the itch nicely.

Tonight I finally made it to see Tropic Thunder, and it was a blast. It is really had to explain just why it is funny, because it is really absurdist, but it hand me laughing again and again. Robert Downey Jr.'s character is kind of offensive, but he's supposed to be, and that's part of the humor. The whole movie is really a meta-movie poking vicious fun at Hollywood. And I kind of hate this movie for making me like Tom Cruise in his role. I almost saw Traitor instead of this, and I'm glad I saw this. I may still go see Traitor at some point, but I needed the laughs. And I was greatly amused that TiVo is a major plot element in Tropic Thunder. You'd think they paid for that kind of product placement, but they didn't.

Bangkok Dangerous opens this week, that looks like fun.
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Google Chrome

I blogged about Google Chrome last night/this morning, and now it is available for download for Windows XP/Vista (Mac & Linux versions are in the works). If you haven't heard, Chrome is a new web browser from Google with some major changes under the hood for improved performance and security. And a new approach to the UI, which is very minimalist. I've been playing with it and my first impression is very positive. It is *fast*, it renders pages well, it looks good, and as a long time Firefox user - it does what I expect. It is fairly intuitive for me to use.

I'll keep using it and see if I run into any gotchas. But as a first release of a new product, this is looking pretty solid. The one thing it lacks is all the extensions for Firefox.