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A day in the life

So Friday was my 33rd birthday. I'd been up all night, since my hours have been completely turned around. I crashed out around noon, and set my alarm for 17:00. I tried something similar yesterday - but my power went out while I was sleeping. And I'd pulled the backup battery out of my alarm clock to recharge it. So the alarm never went off, and I slept through until nearly 23:00.

Well, today it worked and I got up when I planned. I poked around online a bit, and while I was going that usagijer called to confirm dinner plans for FuGaKyu in Sudbury. FuGaKyu is a really good Japanese place that I really must get to more often. Anyway, we did dinner at around 19:00 or so, along with delenn1122. Oh - and they wouldn't let me pay for my dinner. Thanks guys! On the way there my phone beeped to tell me I had voice mail. Turns out z_gryphon and my dad had both called to wish me a happy birthday. Since I have a basement apartment, sometimes my cell phone doesn't get any signal until I go out. Then I find out I've missed calls.

After dinner we headed back to HOUSE. I made a really quick call to my parents to say thanks for the call and birthday wishes, but my cell phone reception at HOUSE is poor. Then we settled in to watch Memento. That's the second time I've watched a movie with them and the second fscked up movie - last time was Fight Club. I really liked Memento, very different way of telling the story and some really nice twists. I approve.

So now I'm home, and I'm going to crash RSN. Hopefully I'll flip my hours back to days. I need to get out when things are open. I need to hit Home Depot. I still need plastic for my windows, and now the box fan I use to move the heat from the one central heater in my apartment into the rest of the place has died. I turned it off once, and now it won't turn on again. It just up and died. Fortunately the past couple of nights haven't been that cold - but that won't last. And I need to hit the supermarket too.

z_gryphon, sorry I didn't call you back. By the time I got home I thought it might be too late since I know you get up early for work and don't like being disturbed once you crash.
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