January 9th, 2014

Anime MZ

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  • Thu, 03:24: Can someone @hdnation smack @TiVo and get them to pick up your current feed. They're subscription still points to the feed that died 2/7/13.
  • Thu, 03:25: When you search for @hdnation the @TiVo lets you get a 'Season Pass', but since it points to the wrong feed it doesn't get any new episodes.
  • Thu, 03:32: @TiVo You've recently broken some of your web video subscriptions. For example @hdnation & @PhillyD point to old, dead feeds now, please fix
  • Thu, 03:33: @TiVo Found another broken web video - @Hak5. This also points to an old, dead feed now - these all worked until recently. What did you do?
  • Thu, 03:36: @TiVo And another - Search for 'The Ben Heck Show' and the Season Pass it offers is for an old, dead feed now - used to be the new feed.
  • Thu, 03:37: Someone at @Revision3 needs to talk to @TiVo - searching for several Rev3 shows on TiVo now points to old, dead feeds. Not current feeds.
  • Thu, 03:56: @TiVo Another busted feed - @TechnoBuffalo points to an old feed when you setup a Season Pass. Seems like lots of @Revision3 feeds went bad.
  • Thu, 04:38: I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/rSbJuuNs2O Merida's Brave Bear Bento Box - Inspired by Disney ♦ Pixar's Brave
  • Thu, 04:40: I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/EicH0ssVuP Rocket Powered Kick Scooter (Uncensored) (HD) : Neurotically Yours "Chibisode"
  • Thu, 06:29: Feeling lucky? @LQ La Quinta has a new game where you can win 80 free nights instantly! http://t.co/MtCBNefVOM #PLAYANDSTAY #win