September 12th, 2016

Anime MZ

My tweets

  • Sun, 15:48: My plans to bring my Tesla to the Drive Electric Week event in Walpole today were scuttled by being on-call for work - and getting called.
  • Sun, 15:49: Just as I was about to leave I got called, and I've been stuck sitting by the phone & PC since dealing with an issue. Really not pleased.
  • Sun, 15:50: I was really looking forward to the event, excited even. I even printed out a bunch of specs and such to better answer questions.
  • Sun, 15:50: Still planning to go to the WPI event on Tuesday at least - that better not get ruined too.
  • Sun, 15:51: In other news I've cleared all 691 existing levels in Disney's Inside Out "Thought Bubbles" mobile game... so, yay me?
  • Sun, 15:52: And I did it without using any 'power ups' or whatever they call them. Or paying anything. Little goals like that keep it interesting.
  • Sun, 17:24: Memo to self, do not Google "huge fucking happy hat" with safe search off... at least on a work machine...