January 11th, 2021

Anime MZ

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  • Sun, 16:51: Riskception. That's a ladder on a scissor lift on a trailer, which certainly has a springy suspension. This a Darwin Award contestant in action. https://t.co/yO4nRjNMML
  • Sun, 18:02: This is actually a very effective speech, IMHO. Yes, I know Arnold has his own history as governor, but that doesn't change the message here. https://t.co/Gx7vOkEw5w
  • Mon, 04:39: RT @donk_enby: RELEASE: Every Parler post made during the 06/01/2021 US Capitol riots. https://t.co/YUl8CtFPw8 (batches of 100k URLs, for a…
  • Mon, 04:45: RT @InsaneMedicChef: Parler has gotten hacked, and all their right wing terrorist that are hiding behind it will soon find they have no pla…