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Slow day

Well, my boss is out until the 5th, the other person in my dept is out until Wednesday, the VP isn't here.. The weekly engineering meeting was canceled this morning. I have some customer stuff I'm dealing with, a little unexpected so there are things I was going to be doing that I'm not. I woke up this morning a bit before 07:00, after falling asleep around 02:00. I have no idea why I woke up early, but now I'm feeling really tired and twitchy.

I wrangled up a few people and we did lunch at Fugakyu in Sudbury, and now I'm fighting off torpor. Mmm... Idaho Maki... Damn the food there is so good. But I really ate too much - Idaho maki, edamame, Sukiyaki-Don Bento... I want a nap.

I never did make it to Home Depot last night. I messed up their Sunday hours, I thought I'd go grocery shopping and then hit HD. But HD closed at 20:00 and I got there at like 19:55. So I'll hit it on the way home tonight.

Well, I just needed a bit of a brain break - back to PHP.
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