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It's a whole new type of pain...

Tonight has NOT been good, health wise.
Ok, so I've had a headcold the past few days, and today it seemed to be mostly cleared up, but I started to cough a little this morning and it got worse during the day, but then stopped...

Now I'm coughing hard enough that it really motherfucking hurts. My right arm feels like there are knives in it, I think I pulled something coughing so hard. My neck feels broken, and my head is throbbing. My chest feels shredded. My ears are blocked and feel like someone jammed knitting needles in them. My voice is almost gone and my throat feels raw.

And I've repeatedly tossed my cookies because the coughing is so violent.

I don't think I've felt quite this way before, and boy does it suck.

I didn't know coughing could be this bad.

I'm supposed to be in work at 9, but I wanted to be asleep already. I called to leave my boss's boss a mesage that I might not be in (he called the 9AM meeting and asked me specifically to be there) - and he'd forgotten to take forwarding to his cell phone off, so I woke him. Good thing he's a nice guy, and my voice was so messed up he didn't know it was me - so he had no trouble believing that I wasn't doing well. So if this doesn't stop soon, I'm not setting my alarms. If it goes too much longer, I might try out my new health coverage and try to see a doc in the morning.

I can't even take meds now, since I keep horking.

I am very, very unhappy.
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