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Wah! I want my new toy!

Back on December 12th I ordered a Pioneer TiVo 810H from At the time they were listed as in stock. So the following week the call to tell me they ran out before shipping my order, but they'd have 100 more in just after xmas and my order would ship by the end of the year. Well, by last week it was still listed as backordered, but with the holiday there wasn't a lot I could do.

Well, it was still listed as backordered today and I called and they didn't know when they'd ship. Originally I wanted to have it by today because I fly out to CES on Wednesday and I wanted to set it up to record while I'm gone. Well, I canceled the order today and placed a new order with Abe's of Maine since they have them in stock, and it will only cost me about $11 more to buy from them. Hopefully it will arrive while I'm away. (I'm having it sent to work.)
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