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The week that was...

I had a cold the week before last, and was kind of blah, But I felt mostly ok on Sunday, so I went along with ninjarat on his trip to Maine to see z_gryphon. We made good time, only about 3 hours from Burlington (where we met up) to Bangor. It was good to see ZG again, it has been a few months. He was looking pretty good. We hung out, had dinner at Bugaboo Creek, checked out Borders, and just generally hung about. I also delivered the last 11 episodes of G Gundam to ZG, along with a slew of Zatoichi films, and a few episodes of Airport. So hopefully he's been enjoying those. :-) We encountered Girl Scouts selling cookies outside of Borders, and since I'd forgotten to order any, I bought some. (Nibbling on some Tagalongs now, yum!)

Oh, ardaniel, ZG gave me a CD to pass on to you - and tonight arcticelf gave me a pair of pants to pass on to you... so I guess I need to hook up with you soon. :-)

Seeing ZG again for a few hours made me even more concious of how much I miss having him around. He's been my best friend since 1991, I'd say the best friend I've ever had, so I miss being able to hang out with him, seeing him at social gatherings, etc. Technology makes it easier to deal with - communicating in email, news, chat, and, of course, LJ - but it certainly isn't the same as having him around. I'd love to win one of those $10mil lotteries so I could setup some kind of Gweep commune...

Well, I can dream.

Ok, so the trip to Maine was, overall, a good time. But Monday was time to go back to work. My cold came back on strong and I spent the first few days of the week stuffy, sniffling, and tired. The cold meant I wasn't sleeping as well as I really needed to. But I DayQuil/NyQuil kept me functional, and it has been a very busy time at work. My primary task of late is a Perl port of our scripts. There are two implementations done - ASP and ColdFusion - so I'm working from them and trying to make the same things happen in Perl. Some of it is very direct, just a minor translation, but other parts are a reimplementation.

I tried to 'save time' by using the Perl module, so I could use switch/case. My boss, who did the ASP/CF, uses it a lot, so I figured it'd make the porting easier. But after I ported one of the larger scripts I found out the hard way that is borked, so I went back and changed them all to if/elsif/else. Which is the Right Way to do it in Perl, I should've just done it that way the first time.

Of course, since we're a small company and all, we operate largely in interrupt mode. So the porting is going slower than I'd like, because that's not all I'm doing. I also end up working on documentation, sales calls with customers, engineering change requests... lots of stuff. And we lost a few hours for a company meeting where the new 401k and insurance plans were explained. I'm hoping I can get more time to just focus on the port. I want to get the first pass done, because I know I'm going to have a lot of tweaking to do to make it all work correctly. And I'm still not sure which module I should use for the XML handling pieces.

Well, Thursday I thought my cold was finally clearing up. My congestion seemed to mostly be gone so I was hoping it was over. I was coughing a lot, but I thought it was just a little aftermath... Boy was I wrong, my previous LJ entries detail that adventure. I'm happy to say that I'm doing much better, the meds - 'hydrocodone compound syrup' - is premo shit. It arrested the coughing and let me sleep through the night the past couple of nights - and that's the best medicine of all. Even during the day the coughing is minimal, and the congestion is mostly gone. I'm not 100% yet, but being able to get some real rest has made a big difference. I've got an appointment on 10AM Monday for a followup checkup.

I called in sick Friday, since I didn't get back from the ER until around 2AM and I was supposed to sleep anyway. I did sleep most of Friday, just sat around the rest of the day, and made tacos for dinner. <gir>TACOS!!!</gir>

Tonight was gizmoek's 21st birthday pissup at the 'Shoe. I only had a couple of beers, since alcohol isn't the best thing for a sick person, but I had a great time. I love seeing everyone, chatting with folks, laughing... I really have a good time at these things. :-) It was a little odd tonight, since this is the first time I've seen Gizmo in person since we broke up, and she was there with Steve. It stung a bit, because I still wanted to hold her, cuddle, kiss her... She still means a lot to me, and I still love her. I know I'll get over the physical part, and I hope we can remain friends in the end. *sigh* But anyway, overall it was a good time. Tomorrow night is a larger than normal group dinner in Marlborough, which sounds like it'll be nice. broken_gizmo is in town until Thursday, and she'll be there tomorrow. Now if she'd just finally move to MA - it is inevitable. ;-)

Ok, so since I got home I've basically been watching a Xena marathon from my TiVo. I never really watched it when it was on the first time, but I started watching it while I was out of work and I realized I liked it. :-) And now that Charter has Oxygen again, I've been recording it to catch the episodes I hadn't seen before. Sure, it is cheesy, but you know, the core 'buddy' story and the recurring characters are pretty cool. Yeah, ok, and so having the two main characters played by incredibly fucking hot women doesn't hurt. (I'm more a Gabrielle fan myself - ah, one of the episodes I just watched had some great bath scenes... um, anyway...) Still, I find the show to be inordinately entertaining to watch. *shrug*

Ok... some stuff that doesn't fit in any of the above baskets...

So last week, or rather, the week before, I had some totally fucked up dreams. One night I had a really terrifying nightmare. I haven't had a nightmare in a long time. And this was a waking up in a cold sweat in a panic dozy. It was like I was in some action flick. Some guys were shooting it out by a bus, and I decided to be a hero and grabbed a gun from someone who was dead, then I shot the leader of the bad guys dead - yay me. But I turned around and I'm looking right into the barrel of a gun. Things got really slo-mo, and I try to dodge, but I get my head blown off. Then I wake up. I'm freaked, my adrenaline is pumping, and I am 100% convinced there is someone in my apartment. I tried to tell myself it was just the aftermath of the dream, but I had to get up and check the place before I could calm down. Even then, as I drifted off to sleep, I'd get the sudden feeling I was in immediate danger and snap awake again. That happened several times before I finally just crashed. I was not quite with it the next morning.

Then the *next* night I had the most incredible, vivid, realistic, stunning, breathtaking, mindblowingly erotic dream I have *ever* had. I mean it. I can't even try to explain it, but *DAMN*. I simply do not have erotic dreams - hell, I can't remember dreaming most of the time anyway. (I used to, when I was young, but it started to scare me for a few reasons and I guess my subconcious turned off the recorder.) I can remember a few, here and there, but nothing compared to this one. I woke up from that feeling like I'd really been doing the things in the dream... crazy. If I were a smoker, it would've been time to light up. So two nights in a row of incredibly powerful and vivid dreams, for someone who normally doesn't remember dreams, and very, very different experiences.

On a completely different note...

How is it possible to know someone for many years as a friend - and then just kind of realize that this person you've known for so long is amazingly attractive? Like, duh, hey idiot, this never occurred to you before? Like you never noticed she's wickedly funny, amazingly intelligent, witty, charming, fun, and sexy? I don't know how I managed to miss this. And no, this didn't *just* happen, actually it happened a few months ago and I haven't mentioned it. No, I don't plan to tell her. We're friends, she's involved, and I have absolutely no reason to believe she'd want me as more than a friend anyway. So there is no point it risking fucking things up by opening my big mouth. I figure I know enough women that being this vague is probably safe enough. I just had to get that much off my chest. Who knows if she'd even be reading this anyway.

Along similar lines - sometimes you see someone you had a crush on years ago, and you realize "You know, I think I still do." But it didn't work out then, so you know better than to try to do anything about it now.

But hugs are always good - and I got some good hug action tonight. Woo-hoo! ;-)

So work is going fairly well. In the past couple of weeks I've been complimented by my boss, my boss's boss, and my boss's boss's boss - who is our CEO. ;-) My boss and boss's boss have made a point of talking to me and telling me that they're impressed with my work and think I'm doing a great job, and my boss's boss has pulled me aside a few times to thank me personally for handling a few important issues and for defusing some of the pre-existing personality based office problems. They're working on getting me another raise, and I've been repeatedly informed that it *will* be happening as soon as they can make it happen. That will definitely make life more comfortable, and I'll be able to start saving up again *and* start buying more anime. I like my job, and the people, and, if I do say so myself, I know my shit. ;-) Yeah, I'm also getting my self-confidence back - being successful at things is a good way to do that.

Oh, when I was at CVS getting my drugs in the middle of the night, I also picked up some pink peeps. Mmm, sugary goodness. :-)

Ok, that's enough rambling I suppose, I should get to sleep.
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