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Too damn cold

This was a really short work week for me. I flew back from Vegas Monday and I was originaslly supposed to be back in the office Tuesday. But my flight from O'Hare to Boston was delayed and I didn't get back to my apartment until nearly 03:00 Tuesday. So I decided to take the day off to rest after CES.

So I was back in Wednesday and Thursday - then I took Friday off too. Originally because I'm supposed to be at Genericon this weekend. I ended up sleeping in late but it is so goddamned cold I'm really not looking forward to driving to Troy. I'm thinking of driving overnight, or maybe getting some sleep and driving in the early hours. But if I'm going at all I should be there by 11AM - I'm supposed to be on a panel. My parents have a place in Ballston Lake where I can crash - they're in Florida so I'd have the place to myself.
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