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I suck

I was supposed to be at Genericon this weekend. I never heard back on what they wanted me to do there so I emailed Thursday. Friday afternoon I got a reply that they wanted me to do a panel Saturday morning at 11. OK. Like I posted last night I was thinking about when I'd drive back. Well, I decided that I didn't want to drive back in the middle of the night because I was a little tired plus I was thinking if anything happened and I got stranded I'd probably freeze. So I decided to catch a couple of hours of sleep and then drive over this morning. My alarm went off at 7 and I got up. I remember doing the "Damn it is cold" huddle under the quilt. Then it was mid-afternoon. I didn't think I was that tired, and I didn't feel like it. So I slept through the day and, of course, the panel. So I feel like a complete asshole. Go me.
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