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Anyone going to the Seattle Museum of Flight? Or the Boston Museum of Science?

OK, I posted this friends only a few weeks ago and got *no* takers - so now I'm going public.

I'm a member of the Seattle Museum of Flight and with the membership level I'm at I get 6 Guest Passes a year. I live in Worcester, MA...

I now have *20* Guest Passes and no plans to be in Seattle in the foreseeable future. So - anyone want passess? It is a really cool museum - I have actually been there, a few years ago. If you want some just comment or email me and let me know how many you want and where to mail them and I'll drop them in the mail.

I also get a few MOS passes each year, more than I end up using. So I'm accumulating them. If you're a member the old passes never expire, even if they hit their expiration dates. As long as you use them with a current membership card they're good. So I have several expired ones I can use. So now I have new passes that anyone could use. I have 4 Omni Theater passes that expire 6/30/05, 2 Planetarium/Laser passes that expire 12/31/05, and 2 Exhibit Hall passes that expire 12/31/04.

Same deal - let me know if you want some.
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