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Roll call

OK, I've noticed that in the past few weeks a few people have friended me and I can't figure out who a number of them are. I don't just friend people who friend me, so if you think I know you from somewhere let me know. From time to time I look at the journals of the people who friend me, but since a lot of people use screen names if I don't know I just give up. Even if they don't, I'm notoriously bad at remembering names.

In particular, this time around, I'm not sure who these people are: aberranteyes, akawil, chibipoe (my guess is Eyrie fan), cks (actually your name is familiar, I just can't put it together - Eyrie?), duane_kc (Eyrie?), duckxxx, fire_of_gold (Eyrie?), gyrum (Eyrie?), horza (Eyrie?), hyuri (Eyrie?), j_b, jarodrussell (Eyrie?), jrenken (OK, I'm fairly sure I do know you - but I can't remember from where. AX?), impactbomb, provos, sprak3000 (AnimeOnDVD?), starcreator (AOD?), stormcrow42 (Eyrie and TiVo?)

OK, I should've gone to bed a couple of hours ago, I lost track of time. Tomorrow will be fun.
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