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Long day

Well, I left the office at 04:00 - after my last post I'd installed Acrobat, Mozilla, SecureCRT, SecureFX and Semagic, and downloaded WinCVS and ActivePerl. I knew the versions of those I had backed up were out of date anyway, so I just grabbed new ones. I did more installing today between working on other things - Trillian, XMLSpy, Flash, Shockwave, Visual Studio, etc. And did a lot of configuring.

I have to say that I do like Office 2003, especially Outlook 2003, better than the 2k or XP editions. There are some features in Outlook that, shocking as it is, I really like - like the 'view all unread' option so even if you filter things into folders there is one place with all unread messages. (My new default view.) And the ability to show all email in plain text, instead of HTML, RTF, etc. No matter how it was sent.

I still have a few things to grab and install, like Cygwin. I'll probably wait to reinstall PHP and such until I need it again.

Anyway, I left at 04:00 and my car was on vapor so I had to fill up at the only local gas station that was open, right off 495. It was damn cold, and they're overpriced to take advantage of the people popping off the highway to gas up. Oh well. Then I hit Denny's since I hadn't eaten since lunch and that was the only thing open. I got home, cranked up the heat since the thermometer said it was 48F *inside*, and dove into bed a bit before 06:00. My pre-alarm went off at 08:30, my main alarm at 09:00, and i finally hauled my ass out of bed at around 09:30. It was still DAMN cold in my place, but certainly better than 48F. It took me twice as long to do anything since I was kind of staggering about, so I didn't make it into the office until a bit before 11:00. It is 20:00, and I should be bailing RSN.
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