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CES Photos

I only took 5 photos on my trip to CES, and all of them were in my hotel room - here they are. They aren't very interesting, believe me.

The first three are all of my bed - just to show of the ludicrous number of pillows that were on it. There were 10 pillows, and at least for of those pillow cases actually had *2* pillows stuffed into one large case. They took up a quarter of the bed! I used *one* of the black pillows to sleep on - the others I piled up on the other side of the bed out of my way so I had room to sleep. Who the hell needs that many pillows? Are they to cover the floor to make orgies more comfortable?

And these last two were taken out of the window of my room, showing the 'skyline' at night. That's Circus Circus on the left in the first one, and Stardust behind the pole there. I forget what the others were.

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