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Q&A - MegaZone's Safety Valve — LiveJournal
The Ramblings of a Damaged Mind
malone From: malone Date: April 27th, 2005 11:41 pm (UTC) (Direct Link)

1. What nicknames did you have once that people don't call you anymore? Do you have names that people are Forbidden to call you?
I don’t like being called “Malone” … as in how everyone thinks it should sound. If you can’t pronounce it call me “Lady” or “Trips”

2. What was the first email you ever sent? First email you ever received?
I don’t know … prolly something to Triston asking “Did you get this” and prolly some dumb reply like “Yup”.

3. What do you say to someone when you want to shift the conversation from small talk to something more meaningful? I just jump into it … I don’t think I have a “Shift” keyword.

4. What about you, other than your body, tells you what gender you are?
What? I have a cunt, you have a penis – other then that we are both just humans, period.

5. Do you want to go see KRS One in Worcester on Friday?
um …skipping this one …

6. What do you think of when you think of yourself?
Sad, hopeless, happy, mad, angry, emotional, lucky, beautiful, ugly …

7. What if anything is too personal to talk about with anyone else?
Well … just things you do in the bathroom … I just don’t need to talk about that with anyone … ya know?

8. Name five dream lives (ie "painter, beachcomber, botanist, porcupine, mystic")
Psychiatrist, Author, Singer, Volunteer, porcupine! Lol

9. Describe the ultimate chocolate treat.
Need I say M n Ms?

10. Name and rank your favorite ice cream shops.
Don’t really go to any ice cream shops … usually store bought …

11. How would you like to spend the next hour? (You decide how realistic you want to be about this. You can also make this into an hour long very realistic dream if you'd like.) Would love to chat with you.

12. Do I have plans with you for tomorrow (Saturday the 24th... oops I guess I mean "later today")? Just to get my paper work done for the review process.

13. What do you think about as you're falling asleep or trying to get to sleep?
Life, the day I just had … mostly sex ;)

14. What do you want to know about other people?
Who are you and why?

15. What topics interest you to the point where you could stay on that topic for hours (reading, conversation, thinking, writing, whatever)?

16. Describe an outfit you might like to own or wear. Money no object.
Not really sure about this one … I would love to own a vintage corset (SP?) worn by some queen – but … I’m not sure you can really get something like that.

17. How many hours of sleep do you get, on average, per night? How many hours does your body seem to need/want? I get 4-6 on average – I think my body wants around 8 or 9

18. If you go to a gym, describe your workout routine.
I don’t – I walk and run my neighborhood.

19. What do you need right now, if anything, that you could have but that you are denyng yourself? Why are you denying yourself? You, because I need to let go first.

20. Describe any rules you have or methods you practice for eating fortune cookies. Or for serving/receiving birthday cake with candles.
Pick it up and pass to the left. Persons who’s birthday it is gets first slice of cake.

21. Do you consider yourself difficult to offend?
Not really.

22. Do you think people in general are stupid and/or shallow? Do you also suspect that if you *really* got to know someone picked at random from "people in general" that they will probably be just as smart, or just as deep, as anyone you know well now?
I think so, I think we are all alike on many levels, one is not stupid or shallow – they are just misunderstood by others who view them that way.