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Questions from bouncingleaf

1. What nicknames did you have once that people don't call you anymore? Do you have names that people are Forbidden to call you?

A long time ago I was 'Bik' - derived from my old last name. Some people called me 'Bri' after my old first name. As a freshman in college I got nicknamed 'Daytona' - because I drove a red Dodge Daytona ES Turbo, and very few frosh had cars at all.

There really aren't any names that are forbidden - I prefer Zoner or MZ, but people call me Zone, Mega, and other things.

2. What was the first email you ever sent? First email you ever received?

Damned if I know - that would've been around September 1989 and long before I started saving my sent emails. Probably something mundane to do with my account setup.

3. What do you say to someone when you want to shift the conversation from small talk to something more meaningful?

I have nothing standard - depends on the person, the topic, etc. Completely context sensitive.

4. What about you, other than your body, tells you what gender you are?

Um - nothing. Everything - mental self-image, etc - stems from having lived in this body all my life. So that's really the root.

5. Do you want to go see KRS One in Worcester on Friday?

Doesn't ring any bells - not sure if I like them or not, so probably not.

6. What do you think of when you think of yourself?

*shrug* There is no one thing, again, context sensitive.

7. What if anything is too personal to talk about with anyone else?

Nothing is too personal in absolute terms. But there are some things I can talk about with some people but not others. Given the right person to talk to I think I could talk about most anything.

8. Name five dream lives (ie "painter, beachcomber, botanist, porcupine, mystic")

hacker, architect, pilot, inventer, some kind of freakin' wizard

9. Describe the ultimate chocolate treat.

Hmm... it depends on my mood I guess. Sometimes I like complicated things like molten chocolate cake, sometimes just a simple bar of milk or dark chocolate.

10. Name and rank your favorite ice cream shops.

I don't know of any around here. I like Ben & Jerry's, but I really only hit them in Harvard Square.

11. How would you like to spend the next hour? (You decide how realistic you want to be about this. You can also make this into an hour long very realistic dream if you'd like.)

I'd like to spend it chilling, watching some TiVo, and unwinding - but i need to get to bed soon for work in the morning.

12. Do I have plans with you for tomorrow (Saturday the 24th... oops I guess I mean "later today")?

Saturday evening I went into Boston to meet up with autumnesquirrel, who I hadn't seen in a very long time - probably a couple of years now. We had dinner at Fire + Ice - which was VERY yummy. I miss going there - Worcester is just a bit far to do it regularly. Then we went back to her place and hung up chatting and such all night, and I drove home just as dawn broke Sunday.

13. What do you think about as you're falling asleep or trying to get to sleep?

All to often - work.

14. What do you want to know about other people?

I'm not sure how to interpret this. I guess it depends on my relationship with them.

15. What topics interest you to the point where you could stay on that topic for hours (reading, conversation, thinking, writing, whatever)?

Geek stuff - networking, security, TiVo, etc. And if I'm in the right mood - the nature of existence, time-space, and other esoteric things. A good deal of fiction can keep me reading for hours on end. A fair bit of geek stuff can keep me coding for hours.

16. Describe an outfit you might like to own or wear. Money no object.

Money no object? I think I'd like to own one very high end tailored suit. If I have to dress up from time to time, might as well do it right.

17. How many hours of sleep do you get, on average, per night? How many hours does your body seem to need/want?

Oh Eris, average? During the work week it tends to be 6 hours a night or less. Then on the weekend I might sleep for 12 or more hours to recover. My body seems to like 8-9 hours. Tonight I'll be lucky to get 6.

18. If you go to a gym, describe your workout routine.

I don't, but I should.

19. What do you need right now, if anything, that you could have but that you are denyng yourself? Why are you denying yourself?

I suppose a healthier lifestyle - more exercise, better eating habits, better sleeping habits. Why? Because I'm self-destructive.

20. Describe any rules you have or methods you practice for eating fortune cookies. Or for serving/receiving birthday cake with candles.

None for either. I love fortune cookies - I buy LaChoy cookies to snack on at home. I may tag " bed" on, as many people do.

21. Do you consider yourself difficult to offend?


22. Do you think people in general are stupid and/or shallow? Do you also suspect that if you *really* got to know someone picked at random from "people in general" that they will probably be just as smart, or just as deep, as anyone you know well now?

Overall - yeah, I think the 'average' person is kind of shallow. And based on experience of those I've met in my life - no, I don't think they'd be just as smart or 'deep'. In fact, the more people I've gotten to know over the years the lower my overall expectations get. I feel very fortunate to have the friends I do because I feel like I'm beating the odds.

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