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Time flies

This weekend was good. I'm glad I got out to spend time with friends both days. But it did mean I, yet again, didn't get things done - I still need to better insulate my apartment. I'm sure I'm paying higher bills and suffering more chills because I still haven't completed that. I did some laundry, but I'll have to do more tomorrow. And I was going to re-wire my entertainment center to clean it up a bit. I'll try to fit that stuff in during the week.

I also wanted to write up quite a bit, I'll try to do that soon - most of it will probably be hidden behind my 'work' filter. Monday should be interesting - we have our weekly engineering meeting, first one since Lowen quit. After our CTO was let go and Barbara and Lowen quit, our CEO has called a company meeting for Monday. I guess when 10% of the company leaves in a week, and others indicate they're thinking about it, it is time to rally the troops.
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