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Want a 2fer on online PPV pr0n?

Use Pay Cash!

OK, I was a bit premature (*harumph*) last time. AEBN had set things up so we'd see what *would* be live so we could check it out before it went live - which is why no one else could see our logo and stuff. Well today they really went live with Pay Cash as a payment method. And, to promote it, they're offering a 2-for-1 deal on your first purchase using Pay Cash. They sell access to online pr0n by the minute basically, and if you pay with Pay Cash they're doubling the time. Apparently they have 15,000 different websites in their total network. They have an index of their AEBN network sites here. That's a pr0n site, you should know that's not work safe folks. Duh.

The Pay Cash logo is in the lower left corner once you get into the actual content sites.

Have fun, and if anyone does actually try it out let me know how the payment experience was - always interested in feedback. (And if you do comment let me know if it is cool to pass it on to work - I'll strip names and such of course.)

Hey wednes, is it cool to mention this in erotillectuals?

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