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Missing: My Mojo

If found, please contact zonereyrie

Man, something is seriously wrong with me. Lately work has been a complete slog. I haven't been able to write a single word for Eyrie Productions in *months*. I haven't even been able to focus enough to read most of the books I have in my 'to read' stack. I've stopped reading almost all of the online communities I used to be active in - now I'm basically reading only LJ and a handful of USENet groups. Every last one of my personal projects have stalled. I'm at least a month behind on shit for pmx and I can't get motivated.

I've lost my mojo. Nothing inspires me anymore, nothing motivates me. The most excited I get is when I rant about TiVo to someone - and that's kind of scary/sad, really. I've been totally distracting myself by playing with OK Cupid for the past week.

I hope my trip to Florida next week helps clear my head. This is getting real old.
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