MegaZone (zonereyrie) wrote,

Phone Post:

303K 1:25
“Day Two: Missed Call.

Hey, it's MegaZone. I'm at EPCOT. It's raining. It's actually coming down fairly well out here, but it's Florida rain which means it's warm. So it's like 70-something, and you're wet, but not cold - so it's not to bad. Some of the people running around out here are kind of freaking because they're getting wet, but I figure hey, I'm wearing cotton, I'm not going to shrink. So uh, I might end up leaving though, a little earlier than planned. I was going to stick around past dinner hour, but I have a couple of hours' drive back down to Jupiter and walking around in the rain does get a little old after a while and it has been raining most of the day.

I did check... check out, ride, Destination Space. It's actually pretty sweet. I appreciate how they do it. It's a centrefuge based ride that simulates the G-forces involved. And I can see why people hurl on that ride. There's motion sickness bags right there on the ride for you. Because if you move your head around a lot, your inner ear goes nuts. But it's been a good day. Despite being wet I'm having a good time. I'm still planning to drive back down tonight, then I fly back to Boston tomorrow. So I'll be back online tomorrow night again, maybe Monday. I hope everybody else is having a good time - despite being wet, I am! Talk to you so - or write to you soon.”

Transcribed by: zonereyrie
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