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Calendar update

based on simonb's suggestion I switched over to using LJ::Simple instead of email. Which was vital because I took fallenpegasus's suggestion and created a new user called ljcalendars for the posts. And email only works for paid accounts, but since LJ::Simple acts as a client, that's no problem. I did this so now you can friend ljcalendars if you want them to show in your friends page.

If you want more calendars I can add them. I'd prefer something that runs on shell (FreeBSD) to make life easy to add to the script. If I have to go scrape from another site I'll have to find time to play around, I haven't done that with Perl in several years so I don't know what the current 'right' way to do it is. (I last did it with LWP a long time ago, and I don't even remember how to do that anymore.) Or point me at some sample code that does the rip. :-)

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