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Friendster - MegaZone's Safety Valve
The Ramblings of a Damaged Mind
I just logged into Friendster for the first time in... some number of months. It doesn't look like anything has changed, and that's not a good thing. Actually, something has changed - it is even slower than it used to be! Even with the new-site flakiness, Orkut really is superior - the community functionality adds a major aspect missing from Friendster. The only way to really find new people in Friendster is to dully surf friends of friends, etc. On Orkut you can participate in a community and if you see someone cool, check them out. Orkut communities are weak compared to even basic web forums, but they're light years ahead of the Bulletin Board on Friendster.

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j_b From: j_b Date: February 25th, 2004 02:31 am (UTC) (Direct Link)
Friendster always seems to be slow and laggy, like their DB is overloaded. They may need a rearchitecture, maybe spawn some preemptive database lookups for people who log in so that when they start browsing it is kinda cached...

Haven't Orkut'ed enuff to have a fair comparison
(Deleted comment)
zonereyrie From: zonereyrie Date: February 25th, 2004 08:47 am (UTC) (Direct Link)

Which generally means Windows, but I guess you can run .NET under Mono on Linux/UNIX.

j_b From: j_b Date: February 25th, 2004 11:54 am (UTC) (Direct Link)
In Java's defense, after the JIT compilers from the good server side solutions are done, it's probably on par speed wise, or faster, than scripting language solutions (asp/php/perl/etc), and you've got a programming model laid out for you that a lot of people like. That said, it's of course impossible to beat an app crafted in profiled, tweaked C by someone who knows what they're doing, I'm sure. :)

I'm no great fan of java, I hate all solutions equally