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Learning what you alrready knew

So last night I tried the Physical Attraction Test, after seeing it mentioned in lilhlfpint. It was actually a fairly interesting test. Lots of picking pictures, etc, and answering some questions. At the end it told me my type was basically cute, petite Asian women... OK, anyone who has known me for any reasonable length of time raise your hand if you were surprised. Yeah, that's what I thought. ;-) Actually it was extremely accurate in its results, I was a bit surprised. It did highlight some specific features that I twigged to, which don't fit the overall result - but that's accurate too. I'm really not the sort to have a rigid 'type', there are many different things I find attractive.
favorite qualities
Green eyes
Wavy hair
Red hair

favorite looks
He's often drawn to the olive complexion and black hair of the "Mediterranean Beauty." Her flawless complexion, full lips and natural beauty mean she needs little or no make-up.
He's also charmed by the "Girl Next Door," who looks innocent, "girlish," and charming, even as she gets older. An open, warm and very feminine face framed by long, straight hair (usually light brown) with a soft smile are this woman's trademark.

favorite face type
Two types of faces that especially catch his eye are: "rectangular" (long and narrow) or "classic" (heart-shaped or diamond-shaped with wide cheekbones and a sharply-angled jaw). Known as the "Ecto-Mesomorph," these faces have a chin that is delicately pointed, slightly squared-off or rounded at the base.

I also decided to do the personality profile test. That one was pretty damn accurate too. It doesn't produce as much of a sharable report though, since it mainly shows someone how I match up with them so it is graphs and such.
How he'll wow you...
He's very curious, always studying things and trying to fix them.
He believes in living the good life.

Ways you could wow him...
Your creativity is a turn on - suggest smart, conversation-sparking dates like visiting a museum.
He'll like that you plan intimate, one-on-one time with him, rather than sticking him with big parties or groups.

You may notice
He's an independent man and a little shy, so it may take time to get to really know him.
He'll enjoy one-on-one time with you, but also needs some alone time to think and recharge.

Things to talk about
He loves to talk about big issues and ideas.
Get him to talk about his dreams. Ask: When you were a kid, what did you want to do when you grew up?

Just taking the tests (and doing the physical self assessment) was an interesting experience, it made me think about a lot of things I guess I kind of knew but a more of a subconscious level before. And it was kind of fun in and of itself. :-)
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