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Not in my right mind

I've been so scrambled this week that I've started forgetting things, and even breaking routines that I've followed for ages and ages. On the way out of the house every morning for some number of years now I'd grab my cell phone and PDA. Both yesterday and today I left them sitting at home. Both days I was a short distance from my home on the way to work when I realized it. This morning I even thought to myself, as I was getting ready: "I don't want to forget those again." What's really weird is that normally I have a kind of muscle memory reflex as I get in my car - I pull my PDA out of my back pocket and take my cell phone off my hip, and put them in the console. So that I don't break either one - sitting on the PDA or crushing the phone between me and the seatbelt. And in the past when I was rushing and forgot them I'd realize it when I got to the car. But these two days I not only forgot to pick them up, but I didn't even do my normal pull when getting in the car. That's really weird - I normally do it even when I've deliberately decided not to take them somewhere. It is a reflex. Coming out of lunch today I did it. Getting out of the car I reflexively grabbed for them in the console.

I'm just really feeling out of sorts...
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