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I met my dad for lunch on Saturday out in Springfield - basically halfway between where we live. (Well, where he lives part of the time - a camp on Ballston Lake, he officially lives in FL.) My mom had been up in NY a little while ago too and she made a big batch of spaghetti sauce to freeze. When I was down in FL, the night I got back from EPCOT I was hungry and I raided their fridge and ate most of the leftover spaghetti I found there. :-) I guess they figured I missed her sauce - I do/did - so she made this extra, and my dad brought three containers of it with him in a cooler for me to bring home. So they're in my freezer now - I'm looking forward to it. :-) She also sent a frozen meatloaf - yeah, I like her meatloaf too, so that'll be yummy.

I also ended up with an MP3 player. Seems one of the companies my dad orders things from sent him a free Creative Rhomba as a gift. Well, neither of my parents know the first thing about digital music - I don't think either of them know what an MP3 *is*. (Well, my dad might now - I explained it yesterday.) He brought it since he figured I might make use of it. It is a small unit with 256MB of onboard memory - plug it in with USB and it shows up as a mass storage device. If nothing else it'll be useful as a data store to move files. :-) It also has an FM tuner and can record FM, or from its built in mic, and it plays MP3 and WMA formats. Not a bad little unit really. Of course, this is just another reason for me to get off my ass and start ripping my CD collection.

The mood is because I was so wiped out when I got home around 19:00 that I passed out in my clothes - woke up around 20:30, changed, and crashed again. But I woke up again around 02:00. Now I feel sleepy again and it is 06:41 - my hours are tumbled. It feels like evening to me.
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