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Matter over mind

I hate it when the work week screws up my social plans. Last week I was suffering insomnia for the first few nights - I got 3 hours of sleep Sunday and Monday nights. Tuesday night I just worked an all-nighter and came home Wednesday morning. I was finally so tired I slept - but not long enough to catch up. Thursday and Friday I was very tired at work, Thursday almost non-functional. Thursday night I slept probably 7 hours. Decent, but not quite enough normally and certainly not after my sleep dep.

Saturday I slept in, but still woke up with my alarm to go see my dad. So I was only up from like noon to seven. It was actually really good to see him, and we had a good lunch and a good conversation. But I was tired all day, and when I got home I crashed and burned hard. But I still woke up only 6 hours later and was up until mid-morning Sunday. So I set my alarm to get up for Sunday dinner. I was looking forward to seeing my friends, and solipsistnation was bringing someone new to meet. I had trouble getting up, but whatever... Until I started getting ready to go out. I knew I still felt fatigued, but I was just kind of ignoring it because I didn't want to let it mess up my plans. So my body got agressive and slapped me with a dizzy spell. "Hey... hey... HEY! Lay the fsck down!" So I won't be going to dinner. I'm just posting this bitch to vent, and I'll be going back to bed. So there goes my weekend.
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