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*primal scream deleted*

I am supposed to be on a plane right now. I'm not, I'm in my living room. Last night I packed and had everything set to go. I went to bed planning to get up around 05:30. My flight is at 09:30 - I wanted to be to Logan around 07:30 since I park out in the Economy Lot, so I figured I'd leave home around 06:30 to give myself time on the morning traffic. I knew it wouldn't be a lot of sleep, but I can sleep on the plane.

I woke up just past 10:00. I really have no recollection of my alarms going off, but they both seem to be turned *off*. So I *must* have gotten out of bed to turn the other one off. Damn it, I rarely do that kind of thing, and only when very tired or fatigued. And why the hell does it happen to screw up my plans for a fun trip and not to, say, miss half a day at work? I'm still on an adrenalin rush from waking up - I realized right away that something was seriously wrong. I might've disturbed my upstairs neighbor with the bellow of "FUCK ME!" I let loose.

There is zero availability on any of the remaining direct flights from BOS to SFO today on American, but fortunately there is availability on a connector through O'Hare. Coach on the first let, but First on the second. So I just need to let the adrenalin wear off and find my Travel Zen that I'm good at and just accept the way of things.
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