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Diving into the meme pool

Ok, it seems like many of the people I know are doing this, so why not?

Conscious self
Overall self
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Enneagram Test Results

type score summary
5 41 You desire reason, to make sense of things. Impetus - deficit and/or excess of reason in your life experience. Problem - you can drain yourself trying to figure things out so be attentive to your physical health.
2 38 You desire love, for everyone to care for you. Impetus - deficit and/or excess of genuine care in your life experience. Problem - it is impossible to get everyone to care about you no matter what you do.
9 37 You desire peace, for everyone to get along. Impetus - deficit and/or excess of peace in your life experience. Problem - there is always a certain amount of conflict in the world and some level of it is healthy.
8 34 You desire power, for people to respect your strength. Impetus - deficit and/or excess of control in your life experience. Problem - you can't control everyone no matter how powerful you are.
3 32 You desire acclaim, for people to notice your achievements. Impetus - deficit and/or excess of esteem in your life experience. Problem - you can't win everyone's esteem no matter what you achieve.
4 29 You desire understanding, for people to see the real you. Impetus - deficit and/or excess of understanding in your life experience. Problem - people only understand what is familiar, if you exist outside the norms, few will ever understand you.
1 28 You desire order, for everyone to agree with you. Impetus - deficit and/or excess of affirmation in your life experience. Problem - it is impossible to have everyone agree with you no matter what views or roles you adopt.
6 28 You desire loyalty, for people to stand by you. Impetus - deficit and/or excess of loyalty in your life experience. Problem - even among those close, rifts happen and loyalty based on need isn't entirely genuine.
7 24 You desire fun, to not be overcome with unhappiness. Impetus - deficit and/or excess of fun in your life experience. Problem - it is impossible to have fun 24/7 and the need for it will force you to run from problems instead of dealing with them.

Your main personality is Type 5w4

Your mean personality is Type 2w3

Your results on all types are calculated into two mean scores. Your Vmean is 2.98 and your Hmean is 4.88. Plotting them on the Enneagram map determines your overall mean type which is 2w3. (To learn more about the rational/formula behind this test click here.)

above 3 Vmean

below 3 Vmean







non conforming


future oriented

too instinctual

too connected

too practical

too sedate

too conservative

too optimistic

too conforming

too unconscious

too past oriented

sub 5 Hmean

above 5 Hmean

too judgemental

too orderly

too manipulative

too solicitous

too receptive

too submissive

too self obsessed

too sensitive

too socialistic

too non judgemental

too disorderly

too coercive

too antagonistic

too assertive

too domineering

too externally obsessed

too insensitive

too individualistic

Your main type is the Enneagram type behavior that is most pronounced in you, which for you is Type 5w4. Your mean type, Type 2w3, is who you are, on average, based on the sum influence of all nine type behaviors. Your mean type is a better predictor of how you generally act whereas your main type reflects how you prefer to act. By analogy, if you were a bus with nine different possible drivers, your main type is the most frequently used driver (which suggests you prefer that behavior/driver) but your mean type represents the sum influence of all nine drivers. Another way to look at it is that your mean type reflects where you are overall in the evolutionary race and your main type reflects the direction you are most often choosing to move in (if it's higher than your mean type you are moving forward, otherwise you are moving backward or nowhere). Most Enneagram books and tests focus on main type and use an additional "variant" classification to account for the influence of the other eight behavior types (drivers). Based on your test results your variant is Sexual. So when reading other Enneagram books or websites refer to the Type 5w4, Sexual variant descriptions.

Everyone utilizes all nine behaviors to some degree, but some overly favor less useful behaviors. The upper behaviors (4,5,6) reflect moving forward (5 behavior is the most progress conducive), the middle behaviors (3 and 7) reflect minimal progress or staying the same, and the lower behaviors reflect going backwards (clinging to the past). People stuck more often on statis quo (3 and 7) and backward behaviors (2, 1, 9, 8) will develop less in life, then again to be too progressive all the time (4,5,6) can burn you out physically (so if you have a really high Vmean be attentive to physical burn out). You can't usually master higher behaviors without first resolving excessive attachments or deficiencies to lower type behaviors. If you have absolutely no sense of organization (type 1), you are unlikely to succeed at anything. On the other hand if you are obsessed with organization, you won't accomplish much either.

So examine all behaviors and ask if you have issues related to them (in the form of bias or weakness). Try to figure out methods of getting past those fixations. Biographies are a great way to widen your personality spectrum and assimilate the lessons of other people's experiences. Remember, our thoughts are what have taken us from stone age cave people to abstract thinking creative beings, so listen to your feelings but always be guided by your mind and what makes sense. The scientific method (learn/observe, theorize, experiment, analyze results, modify - repeat cycle) is the spine of human evolution and becoming more fivish means applying that system to your own life.

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