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The coolest coffee machine I've ever seen...

I was sent to GoldMine Admin training a few weeks back (I'm kind of the emergency backup admin if Paul walks in front of a bus or something, I've never actually done a bit of GM admin though) and it was an altogether hideously boring day. A one day training class with three of us and an instructor ripping through the high level overview of GM, much of which didn't apply to our install anyway. By the end of the day I'd learned very little, but I got a thick training and reference guide, which will probably prove more useful than the time spent in class.

However, there was one cool thing about the day - the coffee machine. They had a Keuring unit that uses this wicked cool one serving coffee/filter packs. They're sealed plastic cops that you chamber like a round in the maker, then you activate the machine. A needle pierces the top and injects hot water into the coffee, which is contained in a filter cone (I cut one open), and a second needle pierces the bottom outside of the cone to allow the coffee to exit. They have 70-odd varieties of coffee available, and are supposed to have teas soon.

Now they're starting to offer them for the home. It is a rental scenario - like renting a water cooler (which I already do). I like coffee but hardly ever drink it because I generally only want one cup at a time and making it for that is a hassle. Instant coffee is passable but not great. And the geek factor on this thing is a bonus.

If I lived with other people who drank coffee, I think I'd've already signed up for one of these.

(Keeping on my unrelated note from my last entry - I should say that the sexiest singing voice I can think of off-hand is Linda Perry. She's the ex-lead singer of 4 Non Blondes, and has done solo work. There is just something about her voice that gives me shivers...)
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