MegaZone (zonereyrie) wrote,

Phone Post: Catching red-eye flight, back 7am Monday

286K 1:24
“Hey, it's Megazone again. Haaa, I just made a decision. Uhm, it kind of may be fortuitous what happened yesterday - since I didn't get my remmell (sp?) card until, like, quarter to eleven pm - I have a twenty-four-hour daily rental, so I have until that time Monday night to get it back - there is a red-eye flight back from SFO to Logan, leaves SFO at 10:45, gets in at Logan at 7 - I am now on that flight, instead of leaving early in the afternoon. That gives me another full day out here, and another day to go get dinner, and hang out, and shit like that. It also means I don't have to worry about rushing out of Tivo after two hours, because they open at nine, and (?) probably still have left there between eleven and noon, um, and all the engineers, Debbie told me, don't get in until the afternoon so that I'll have somebody to talk to that I've dealt with in the past, and I've talked to online and in newsgroups and stuff. Dave said they'd like to be able to say hi to me, and they don't usually come in until eleven to noon, like me, so, uh, that'd be nice. So I'll probably go for the red-eye, and I'll be back at 7am on Monday instead of, like, 9pm on Monday. That's it, really. I suppose you have to go with these things. It seemed like a good plan. All right, bye.”

Transcribed by: reddragdiva
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