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Dead I am the one

Three days ago I got a notice from Orkut that the name on my account violated their policies since they didn't allow nicknames, and if it wasn't corrected in the next couple of days the account could be suspended. So I emailed both and and explained that it was my legal name, not a nickname. I even offered to send them a copy of my ID. I also changed my profile to have a statement that the name on the account was my legal name. I never heard back from them.

Today the motherfuckers suspended my account anyway. So now I've emailed them again asking what the hell they're doing. It is an asinine policy to start with - since you can make up any name you want anyway. I guess they decide which names don't sound 'real'. But I bet Chuck Farley wouldn't be suspended. But I have to wonder about the intelligence of their support people if they do this shit after two responses to their notification, without any attempt at contact. Of course the only way to contact them is email.
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