MegaZone (zonereyrie) wrote,

It's done! Yee-haw!

Ok, so I was out for dinner last night (which went very well) and on the way home I get a call from z_gryphon. He's unjammed a fanfic that we'd left stalled two years ago - after releasing 6 of 7 parts. So when I got home I did a read through, made a few little edits, and wrote another chunk for it.

You know, with my mental state of the past many months, my creativity has been in the tank. But with finding a job it feels like a weight has been lifted and my creative juices are slowly starting to flow again. Last night's work was the first real chunk of fiction I'd written in many months - and damn it felt good. And I was very happy with the results too (mostly, see below) It was nice writing something for those characters again...

So, anyway, Undocumented Features Future Imperfect - Twilight - Seventh Seal: Communion is up!

Read and enjoy!

I woke up this morning and remembered what I'd forgotten to write last night, but it was too late - the story had been posted. I was going to have Zoner ask Teleute about their daughter, Diana, aka Didi. You'd think he'd want to know how she was doing, seeing as the Ragnarok had just been narrowly averted and all. Because of the timeframe, he wouldn't have seen her in a while.

Oh well, nothing too major, just annoys me a bit that I'd forgotten to include this, or even an appearance by Didi, since it has been bouncing around my head for two years and last night I blank on it.
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