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I'm WAY behind on LJ - I fell behind when I was sick, and since I'm really just getting back to 100% I stayed behind all last week and still haven't spent the time catching up on everything. I just kind of skimmed a couple of weeks' worth of entries to try to catch any key items.

In an effort to organize a bit more, tonight I cleaned up my friends list a bit - I unsubscribed from a number of communities I found I wasn't really paying attention to. So I left all my Ani DiFranco communities. (I still love her music, but I find I like her fandom less and less. Or at least I find it less and less relevant to anything - repeated discussions of favorite songs, questions about her personal life, gushing about how hot/sexy/etc she is, etc, etc. Yeah, like I didn't have enough of that when i ran her email lists.) I also dropped of the Boston communities since most of the traffic was meaningless to me anyway, and they were high volume.

I also cleaned up my groups a bit and created some new ones to help me catch up on things - including a few I've made public for anyone to check out:
Space Probes - this is for all of the personified space probe LJs I've found, which is quite a few actually. And if you know of any I've missed, please let me know - I find them highly amusing, and sometimes informative.

Comics - the comics I read via LJ. There are a few. I'll entertain suggestions for others I should be reading. :-)

Anime, Etc. - the various anime, convention, etc, journals I read. If I'm missing some, let me know and I'll check them out.

Also, while I'm at it, remember I have a request only group for my work related posts. So if you're on my friends list and want to read my work related postings, let me know and I'll add you. I haven't posted much there in a while, but I probably will soon.
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