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A good evening

Ah, I need to get out more often, it is refreshing.

Tonight I met up with mere at Moe's in Shrewsbury. It was the first time there for both of us, and I think we both enjoyed it. My burrito was quite good, and they have *real* hot sauce. We were both satisfied with the burn. (I didnt realize she was a fellow hot head. Neat.) Oh - and they have veggie stuff folks (she's vegan), so that's another place we can go sometime. :-)

Then we went to see Secret Window. I've been wanting to see it for weeks, and I am *very* glad I saw it before it ended its run. If you have the chance, go see this movie. Johnny Depp does a great job. I found it to be nicely creepy - I guess it would be labeled a thriller, or suspense thriller, or something like that. Really a neat film.

And now I need to go to bed. :-)
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