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I've had a great pent-up desire to see movies. But I'd been too busy/tired to get to any. I finally got to see Secret Window this week with mere as I mentioned before. Then last night I decided to see Kill Bill Vol. 2. I managed to get out of the office around midnight and went straight to WoShoNo. Of course it seems they're repaving a section of I290 so I was crawling through the one lane open nervously thinking I'd end up late to the 00:25, and last, showing. But I got in just in time for the last trailer (for Jet Li's Hero - which looks fantastic, BTW) and then the movie.

Oh yeah, it kicked ass. Makes me want to see Vol. 1 again. But I'm trying to hold off on picking up the DVD since I expect there will be some kind of 1/2 box set eventually.

Tonight I think I may see both Hellboy and The Punisher. The Punisher is showing at 19:50, then Hellboy at 22:15. Yay for long weekends and a chance to relax and enjoy them.

The only downside is sometime last night I lost my cell phone clip. I left my phone in the car when going to the movie, but I always leave the clip on my hip - and I suspect it got caught on the chair and left behind. I didn't notice until I went to Denny's after the movie and went to put my phone on when I got out of the car. Since the clip isn't in the car (or it is hiding damn well), and I had it on when I got *in* the car at work, that leaves the movies.
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