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In the past week and a half or so I've seen a number of movies, after not going to the movies in a long time: Secret Window, Kill Bill Vol. 2, The Punisher, Hellboy, Walking Tall, and Man on Fire. And I finally saw The Crying Game after all these years - IFC aired it and I TiVo'd it.

Secret Window - I already commented on this just after I saw it. But overall I really like this. Johnny Depp gave a good performance - and the subject matter is nicely creepy. Things with people losing their minds, etc, tend to really creep me out. And with most movies like this you get up to the end and the Sheriff busts in and saves the day, the crazy character ends up locked away, etc. It was really cool to see the nut 'win' - to get away with it and to really just completely snap. And Depp plays the role nicely.

Kill Bill Vol. 2 - I'd been looking forward to this since Vol. 1. I've seen some people commenting on this and not liking it, or liking it but thinking it was too slowly paced, etc. But I really liked it. I'm looking forward to the DVD set I expect them to release to watch them back to back. Part one is more hot temper and rage - hundreds of gallons of blood, etc. Part 2 is more back story that fills in the events that kicked it all off, and the history of The Bride. Sure there was a lot more talking, but I think it played well - and I think David Carradine did a really nice job as Bill. The dialogue with The Bride and Bill at the end I really enjoyed - even though I really knew how she was going to kill him. I mean, that foreshadowing was HEAVY.

The Punisher - This wasn't a bad film, but it wasn't great either. It probably suffered in that I saw it back to back with Hellboy. Thomas Jane did a decent job as the action hero, and he has a kind of quiet comedic edge which worked in this film. John Travolta was OK as the big villian - but most of the reast of the thugs were, well, thugs. Just one dimensional bad guys who you were just there to get popped. And I didn't really get the whole 'misfits bond into a family' aspect of the other people who live in his apartment building. It just felt artificial. Oh - and his wife and kid. Why would you run in a straight line to get away from a truck? Especially on a pier. JUMP. Go into the water when it is obvious you're not going to outrun it. That scene just made me groan - they died because they were stupid. OK, the kid's a kid - but mom, toss the kid over the railing and jump in after him. He's a good swimmer, they made a point of showing that earlier. If you're looking for an action movie to veg out to, this might be OK.

Hellboy - This movie was great. And the chick was HOT. OK, yeah, she's a pyro - I couldn't resist. I liked her, and she was pretty. I loved the "You should be running" line. Perlman did a fantastic job as Hellboy, IMHO. Now, I will say that I have never read the comics so I don't know how well they did in capturing the comics. But the movie is a fun flick. And damn - Rasputin? Nazis? Clockwork Nazis? A clockwoek Nazi ZOMBIE?! Old ones? This movie has it all! OK, so I have Wolfenstein vibes when the Nazis were performing unholy experiments in the ruins, but that's not a bad thing. :-) Fun movie - I hope they make more.

Walking Tall - OK, this is a remake of the old 70s film. Definitely not a complex story - but you know, I like The Rock as an action star. I think he has what it takes to be the next big action star. He's buff and tough looking, but he also has a wicked sense of humor - and you know, he's a better actor than most action stars (Arnold, Stallone, Segal, etc). It was a fun movie to watch. Nothing great, just decent fun with some fights and a little climatic gunplay. And probably the first thing I've seen Johnny Knoxville in when he wasn't just injuring himself for no purpose. (I loathed Jackass.)

Man on Fire - This turned out to be a very different movie than I expected. The preview I'd seen made it seem like a movie where the bodyguard loses the girl them goes on a rampage. But it was a lot more subdued than that. More cold rage than wild anger. And yeah, Christopher Walken - you gotta love a movie with him in it. He can deliver lines that sound cheesy - except when he delivers the line it sounds important. It is the way he pauses and puts weight on certain words I think. He can play it for comedy - like in The Rundown - or for dramatic weight in this film. Besides, he's just a fun guy. The fact that the girl was still alive was completely unsurprising for me - and I actually thought that as kind of lame. Yeah, it gives the happy ending with mom and daugher reunited - but it felt like a forced happy ending. I know a lot of people want that kind of thing, but I think the story would've been a lot more powerful if she *was* dead and he avenges her. He could still die, as he did - perhaps like a Cowboy Bebop style showdown at the end. I did think it was nice that they had him die - it just fit the character. I got the feeling he was desperately seeking redemption for something he'd done in his past - and we know he and Walken had some nasty past. It was a fairly slowly paced film, but I didn't feel that it dragged - it was just deliberate.

OK - so what's the big deal with The Crying Game? It wasn't a bad movie, but I didn't think it was especially good. I remember that it was a bit controversial when it came out and supposedly 'shocking'. Um - Oh, she's got a dick. Yeah, OK. The first time the character appeared on screen I said 'Guy'. Yeah, I'm sure at some point since the movie came out I heard the twist so it was in my brain. Still, I didn't think it was that hard to tell - but then I've known a few transgendered people and I lived in the Bay Area where it wasn't uncommon. But I just don't see why it was so shocking. *shrug* Other than the 'shock' value I didn't think the movie was really all that good. It was fairly predictable.

Unfortunately it looks like I missed Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - I'll have to catch that on video, I definitely want to see it. Not much left out there that I want to see now - maybe The Ladykillers and The Girl Next Door. The Whole Ten Yards looks like it could be funny - but it is a sequel to The Whole Nine Yards, which I haven't seen. This Friday we have Godsend and maybe Envy or Laws of Attraction - but the next film I really want to see is Van Helsing on the 7th. I'm on the fence about Troy on the 14th - but Shrek 2 is on the 21st.
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