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Cyphermint hiring for junior network/system admin

Cyphermint is located in Marlbrough, MA on Route 20 - just west of I495. If you're interested in this either email me your resume (at work - megazone at cyphermint dot com) or email If you plan to use my name it'd be nice of you to tell me so before you do it so I'm not blind-sided. (Last time I posted an opening someone named dropped me and I only found out when Bob asked me about them. It probably didn't make them look very good when I just kind of blinked and said 'who?' until my brain kicked in and i remembered the name.)

The guy who runs ops, Paul, is kind of gruff at first but actually pretty cool when you get to know him - I rather like him. If you *know* your shit he respects you and your opinion, if you're *full* of shit you'll definitely know what he thinks of you. ;-) The position is primarily *Windows* administration, along with some Cisco PIX and router work, and general networking and PC support - with a teeny bit of Red Hat Linux. This is an entry/low end kind of position and we're really a start-up, so the pay isn't great - but the company is growing so there is opportunity to move up over time. Our current admin found a higher level gig with more pay closer to home - a deal he couldn't refuse, and rightfully so So he's gone in two weeks - which means they'll want to fill this soon. If you have any questions about the job either post a comment or hit me in email. Oh, and if you can understand Russian that probably works in your favor - Paul and some of the other developers are Russian, and we have a team working there too. So they always like it when someone else can handle things in Russian when needed. At the very least you can't be bugged by the fact people will be talking Russian around you - so if you're paranoid and think they're talking about you, you should probably not take it. ;-)

Department: Operations

Position: System Administrator (at least 3 years of experience)

Knowledge in the following areas
MS active directories and domain strategy knowledge,
Cisco PIX firewall and router setup and maintenance,
strong MS Exchange 5.5, 2000, 2003 knowledge,
IIS 3,4,5,6 configurations and security,
Windows terminal services configurations,
PC/network hardware building and installation experience (A+ cert preferred),
TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, SSL, SSH, SNMP, etc. network protocols knowledge,
wireless networking including WEP,
general encryption technologies understanding (PGP and related),
UPS installation,
Red Hat Linux,
network backup devices setup and management,
DNS, DHCP, anti-virus and personal firewall installation and maintenance,
VPN (IPSEC/L2TP) setup,
video conferencing equipment knowledge,
MCA and MCSE certificates owners are preferred.

Job responsibilities:
Domain controllers and MS Exchange management,
client computers setup and maintenance,
network printers and file servers management,
remote servers monitoring, wireless (w/WEP) network maintenance,
backup and restore,
anti-virus and personal firewall setup on server/client computers,
remote operating systems,
software and patches installation,
network statistics and documentation,
IIS (including server/client SSL certificates) and ftp setup, security research and improvement.

Applying person should be motivated. Ready to work late and extra hours including weekends. Good and friendly communication skills are required.

Salary in high 30’s
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