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So today isn't going so well. I got to the airport and discovered that my reservations were for Wednesday instead of today. I have no idea how that happened - either I slipped when doing the initial hold, my parents somehow screwed up when they bought the tickets, or the airline messed up. I have no idea. So I managed to get switched to today's flight. But in the process I got bumped from first to coach since the tickets were coach, but with an upgrade. So now I'm on the waiting list for an upgrade - it looks like I will get it, i hope. (When you're my size it makes a difference.) Then I find out the flight is delayed from 14:45 to 17:30, and what I'm over-hearing at this instant is that the plane is still on the ground in Boston - and since it takes about 3 hours to fly I suspect it is going to be delayed past 17:30 for the flight back. *AND* to switch my reservations I had to pay $25. My dad slipped me a couple of Benjamins as he said goodbye, so I dropped one of those and a fiver on that - but in the confusion over the change, etc, I didn't get my change. They wanted me to walk back to the ticket counter for it... I'm at the gate farthest from the American counter. Really - I'm at the arm at the other end of the airport at the gate at the end of that arm. And I'd have to take my bags back through security to get there.. So I, very politely, nudged and the nice lady at the gate managed to get them to have someone bring my change when they came back here.

So today is a day full of travel joy.

But on the plus side - I'm sitting here with my laptop on the net using a BlueTooth connection to my T616 then GPRS. So there is a bright spot in this mess, thanks to technology. I can sit here and gweep! And the connection is nice, seems comparable to ISDN.
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