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Half a page of scribbled lines...

Time really flies. I've been very busy with stuff at work, which I should talk about sometime since it has been gnawing at me. But for now I think I'll talk about the past week or so in general.

I worked late Wednesday night, to about 03:00 Thursday actually. Then I decided to go to Denny's for dinner on the way home. While at Denny's I observed a guy who was obviously blasted on something, and it seemed to be either a LOT of booze, or booze and some drugs. At the same time I arrived a guy and girl arrived as well, and they sat nearby. The kid, who turned out to be named John, recognized the other guy and said hi - and the guy was wigging out. Kind of thrashing in his seat, climbing the wall - literally, falling over on the bench, etc. He said something about driving so John offered to drive him home and have his gf follow in their car. The other guy turned him down and everyone kind of went back to their own tables for a bit.

The wasted guy had some friends apparently in another section and they collected him on the way out. As they were leaving John followed them outside, seemingly concerned, and his gf went with him. She came back in after 5 minutes or so, and 5 minutes later he came back in too. 5-10 moinutes later John is falling over in his seat. He keeps trying to sit up and falls over. Is laughing at nothing. Twitching. Eventually he just *drops*, hits the table, falls over, and is *out*. His gf thinks he's joking and is poking him with a fork - and he is not moving. So she starts slapping him, shaking him - he's snoring and drooling.

Another guy who was there and I say she should call the paramedics - he's obviously been dosed with something. People don't shut down that hard and fast unless they're drugged or completely exhausted - and he was up and alert 10 minutes before. She called her cousin first and he comes and they can't wake John up. So she does call the medics. When they arrive they were, frankly, assholes. They openly accused her and John of deliberately taking something, telling her to just wise up and tell them what they took, etc. Complete fuckheads. It just made her very upset because she felt that she weren't listening to her. (Hey, they just announced the plane is still under ground hold from the ATC in Boston and it isn't expected to arrive *here* (PBI) until 18:40 - then they have to turn it around. I won't be out of here until 19:00 at the earliest. Weeeee...) The medics said he was probably dosed on 'G" - GHB, a drug I'd never heard of. Looks like knock-out drops basically, when taken in larger doses. And they hauled John away. So I didn't leave Denny's until around 06:00 because I was concerned and trying to keep the girl (I never did get her name) calm. I also gave her my card just in case they were dicks and tried to cause toruble for John.

Sue, the cool older waitress at Denny's, had gone out for a smoke when they were outside and she said she saw John take a sip from an offered bottle as he was getting the other guy into a car. So it sounds like they offered him a drink, he took it, and it was a micky.

So that made me get to bed very late, and I had to be up for an 11:00 conference call with a customer. I managed to get up for the call OK, even though I was tired. After the call I did a little more work, then I decided to get ready. I turned on some more lights, put my post-shower clothes in the bathroom, etc, and went to my room. That was probably 13:30-14:00. Then it was 18:30. I passed out. I mean, I remember sitting on the bed and stretching because of a crick in my back - then I'm waking up. Jesus. So that kind of reaked me out a bit, and I felt like an ass because I missed work and didn't call in at all. I'd already managed to put in over 40 hours between the all-nigher Mon-Tue, the long day Wed, and the few hours that morning, so I didn't feel *too* bad about the time.

I decided to pack up, have dinner, and go back to sleep for the night. So Friday I got up around 05:00 so I could leave early and go into the office before going to the airport. I went into the office and handled some email that had come in, transferred files so I could hopefully do some work on this trip, and then time had flown and i had to book to the airport.

The flight out was on time and uneventful, and it was a lovely day here in Florida. When I got to my parents place I immediately started my tech support tasks - updating my mother's system and setting up my dad's 'new' PC. It put that in quotes because, while it is new to him, it is actually a PIII-800 box which Appolo Heating had pucked up a few years ago but never used. So it isn't bleeding edge.

Saturday was pretty much more of the same. It was a rainy day. I ended up sleeping WAY late, into the afternoon, because I was so tired from the week. I tweaked and configured their machines and got online from mine for a while (it is nice having 11g, I must get a base station for home). Sunday we went out and about a bit. We hit CompUSA to pick up a few things - a SODIMM for my mom's old laptop (64M -> 320M - much improvement was had), some CD-Rs to backup the software that came on the new PC we got her last time I visted, Norton Internet Security for my dad's PC, and a printer for him. Then we did some shoe shopping - I needed some light colors shoes to go with my outfit for Jer's wedding Saturday. I picked up a couple to have options - canvas Chucks and some tan/beige Top-Siders. I think the latter will be my first choice - very casual without looking cheap. One less thing to worry about this week.

Then we had dinner at Park Avenue Ribs. I forget if I ever got around ot writing up my last trip to see my folks - but that restaurant was recommended to me by one of you and I loved it, so we went again this time. Damn fine BBQ. And back home to install the rest of the stuff.

Late that night, around midnight, the fun began. I discovered that the CD-ROM in my dad's PC wasn't being recognized at all. So I ended up tearing the machine apart and pulling the IDE cables, etc, until I determined it just hadn't been working. I ended up changing the jumper on the CD from Master to Cable Select (It was alone on the secondary IDE controller) and it started working. So then I could install the printer drivers and Norton. By the time I was done with everything it was 05:00. Ugh. Then I got up at 10:00 this morning.

Oh, and this computer was assembled by NBS Systems in the Albany/Schenectady, NY area. Appolo uses them for IT support. My advice? Avoid them at all costs. Other than this PC which I don't think ever had a working CD-ROM (how do you build, configure, and ship a box to someone across country without testing it?) they did a *fine* job with the system configs. The boxes has never had Windows Update run, so they were swiss cheese. My dad was using it to use PC Anywhere to connect to his box in the office in NY. The company has a Road Runner connection and a Linksys gateway, where they mapped the ports to his PC for PC Anywhere. Well, his office PC was also way out of date and I did the updates - but when it rebooted it got a new IP. So the mapping broke! They configued all of that - how could they NOT think to give his box a fixed IP address and to make sure it wasn't an IP in the DHCP pool? I mean, that's obvious for any admin, right?! Dipshits. I managed to fix it because someone at the office had the Linksys password (which is REALLY fucking stupid, I mean, shockingly weak) and I figured NBS was silly enough to have the public admin interface active and on the default (8080) port - and it was! So I could get in from here and reconfigure the mapping to the machines new IP.

Unbelievably poor workmanship, really.

And by the time i was done with that it was time to cut out for the airport so I wouldn't miss my flight - and if you read my last entry you know how that is working out... Now it looks like I won't be out of here until after 19:00, at this point I'd guess maybe 20:00. *sigh*. At this rate I'll need to find an outlet to charge this laptop. :-)
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