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Rollcall of the unknowns

It is that time once again. I'm looking at my info page and trying to figure out if I know some of the people who have added me as friends - and, if so, from where. Those who know me know I'm absolutely horrid about remembering names and connecting them with faces, so try not to be offended if I've known you for years or something. :-) I forget the names of close friends at times when they're right in front of me. So these are my guesses for the new(ish) people. Please let me know if I'm right or wrong...
autarchia - Eyrie fan?
jetblack - OK, not sure - Eyrie? Anime fandom? TiVo? MU?
edg - Eyrie fan?
hyuri - Eyrie fan?
jwesleyclark - TiVo, right?
kittiepink - you friended me after I posted something in an LJ community, wasn't it?
sidehack - Eyrie fan?
matrix_dragon - Eyrie fan? (This one I feel like I should really know...)
provos - Eyrie fan?
wearehappysheep - I have no idea. And this is a fairly new LJ and just added me.
yesthattom - This is familiar, and we seem to know some of the same people...
yoniz2 - I don't know.

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