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Some people...

I participate in the PayPalSucks Forums for a few reasons - to see what people like/dislike about payment systems when I'm developing things for Pay Cash, to answer the general questions that come up that I can, to pick up on potential marketing angles, to name drop Pay Cash for people looking for a payment alternative (I'm quite open about working here), and, to a small degree, for amusement.

But, I tell you, a lot of the people there are fucking morons. They blame PayPal for their own idiocy. Yes, PayPal has had many issues, including severe customer relations and support problems (as a PayPal employee told me at their conference last week they used to act in a "guilty until proved innocent" manner when it came to suspected fraud and this has built them a bad rep in several circles for locking innocent accounts). But *most* of the people complaining brought it on themselves. They got defrauded by some buyer/seller and they're actually pissed off than PayPal 'let' the scammer defraud them and/or that PayPal dared take their money away to cover a charge back. I'd be dumbstruck by that if my opinion of the general populace weren't already pretty low.

So you sold something to a random buyer. You didn't follow PayPal's rules to use their Seller Protection Program. The shipment went through, but then the charge is challenged and canceled. So the consumer's credit card company reversed the charges to PayPal - of course PayPal is going to turn around and take the money back from you! They're not going to just suck it up, dumbass. A lot of these people even admit that they thought there was something odd going on, but they *still* want PayPal to bail them out. If you knowingly shipping to an address different than the one on the account, if the buyer was acting squirrelly about providing details, those should be red flags. Expecting PayPal, or any payment provider, to be omniscient and able to stop all fraud is ridiculous.

A lot of these people have never read PayPal's user agreement and are *shocked* to find out they're not magically covered. And then they go on to call PayPal evil, illegal, a giant scam, etc. Fairly idiotic, vitriolic babbling. Yes you agreed to use their service, you didn't avail yourself of the available seller protection, you didn't even bother to get tracking or insurance on the shipment, and you got scammed. Welcome to reality, it is a harsh teacher. I especially love the people who claim to have sold things like $7,500 plasma TVs, taken a PayPal payment, and then shipped the TV without insurance or tracking. WTF? Either they're lying or they're a danger to the gene pool.

Commerce isn't 100% safe - 'e' or not. Physical stores get 'shrinkage', and they also suffer from bounced and forged checks, stolen credit cards, etc. Going online isn't going to magically make all the bad people go away. It is all about risk management (man, I've been using that phrase a lot lately). PayPal offers some protection with their Seller Protection, but you have to follow their rules to be covered. If you can't/won't, then you either have to suck up the greater risk or use some other payment system. The only real way to not risk a chargeback is to NOT take credit - accept cash or cash equivalents only. Like a money order or cashier's check - or, yes, Pay Cash. But charging forward and taking the risk and then blowing your stack when you roll snake eyes is just being a baby. And blaming PayPal for it is just fucking stupid.

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