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Sometimes change is lame...

For several years I kept changing the shoes/boots I bought because I'd buy a pair and they'd seem OK - but over time they proved not to be as comfortable. One set I had, some style of Lugz, actually proved to be the cause of the bad pain I was having in my left knee for a while. As soon as I stopped wearing them the pain cleared up - that's after X-rays, CAT scans, etc. I'm a big guy - 6'6" and close to 400# for those who don't know me - so I put a lot of pounding on my footwear.

Eventually I picked up a pair of Timberland Euro Trekker Leather Black boots, style 84160. And they were great. I wore them into the ground and they still felt good, so I got another pair and I've worn those pretty much daily for a couple of years. But the soles are almost worn smooth, the inner padding is pretty much all gone, and the surface of the leather is so scuffed and scratched that polishing really doesn't help anymore. I've been trying to find another pair since *last* summer when these were 'pretty well worn out' - now they're really worn out and have actually started to be less than comfortable for much walking. I'd called some months ago and was told they were seasonal and wouldn't be in production until the spring. So I waited, but they never showed up.

Well, I just called and got the news I expected - Timberland overhauled their product line and no longer makes that style boot. So I'm taking my chances with the boot which is kind of the replacement, the Euro Hiker Leather Black, style 85079. The lower part looks the same, with the same sole, but it looks like it doesn't come as high up on the ankle and it doesn't have as many eyelets. I ordered a pair and I'll have them in a week or so. I hope they're as good as the boots I've had.
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