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A good day

All in all I had a good 4th. I slept late and then just relaxed. I almost missed the dinner horde because I forgot to check my email. But I noticed a voicemail from solipsistnation and managed to meet up with the horde at Fugakyu. As always, the food was most excellent. Edamame, beef tataki, Idaho maki, and chicken katsu. Mmm-mmm.

The horde tonight was small - solipsistnation, stophittinyrslf, usagijer, and delenn1122. After dinner we made our way back to HOUSE. I went back via Rt.20 - and on the way I got a jonze for something sweet. And Beezer's ice cream was still open, so i stopped and got a cone of 'Purple Cow'. Black Rasberry ice cream with chocolate and white chocolate chips - it was very yummy. Then I kept on my way and swung by my place to pickup a couple of bottles of Unibroue - Quelque Chose and La Terrible - and over to HOUSE.

We all relaxed and watched a bunch of The Simpsons and Futurama, and then the Devo episode of Square Pegs, which usagijer had on his TiVo. usagijer and I split the beers, and they were, as always, yummy. :-) solipsistnation and stophittinyrslf left and delenn1122 had fallen asleep upstairs, so usagijer and I watched several episodes of Penn & Teller's Bullshit, which I'd never seen before since I don't have Showtime. I love it, I may pick up the first season on DVD. The episode about the bible was a riot, so was the one about PETA... hell, they all were. :-) It would've been nice if mere could've been there tonight, but she couldn't.

I eventually made my way home to chill and I've been watching tonight's 'Extreme Evidence' marathon off my TiVo. This is a very cool show, I'm going to start recording it regularly. z_gryphon you'd probably like it too - it is on CourtTV. I'm burning the 8 marathon episodes to DVD for you to check out - if you can't get it on DTV up there let me know and I can keep burning discs.

I shall sleep soon, I'm winding down.
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